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Daily Accas

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Daily Accas and Football bet365 Accumulators Tips


DailyAccas Betting Tips Stats

Daily football bet365 accumulator tips for February 22, 2019:

Match DailyAccas Tip Odds
AC Milan – Empoli Full Time, Home Win 1.44
NK Rudes – HNK Rijeka Full Time, Away Win 1.20
Chindia Targoviste – Aerostar Bacau Full Time, Home Win 1.33

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*Odds are subject to change


See the results of the 3 highlighted Daily football accumulators tips for February 19, 2019 in the table below:

Match DailyAccas Tip Odds Final Result (HT Result) Tip Success
Ludogorets Razgrad – Botev Plovdiv Full Time, Home Win 1.36 1-1 (0-0)
CSKA Sofia – Botev Vratsa Full Time, Home Win 1.30 2-1 (0-0)
FC Ajka – Debreceni VSC Full Time, Away Win 1.36 2-3 (0-0)

Here are the results of the past 7 Accas:

Acca Date Number of Tips Number of Winners Success Rate
19/02/2019 3 2 66%
14/02/2019 3 2 66%
13/02/2019 3 1 33%
12/02/2019 3 2 66%
11/02/2019 3 2 66%
08/02/2019 3 2 66%
07/02/2019 3 2 66%

What Are Football Accumulators?

Daily Accas at is a service that provides multiple football bets each day. The football accumulator tips generally involve three to five football teams in an accumulator. 

The tips have three levels depending on the odds of each selection. The multiple bet can be a Banker, Risky or Jackpot. The accumulated odds of the three or more selections determine the level. Matches are selected from a wide range of football leagues around Europe. The bet usually combines matches from more than one league or country.

The bet slip displays the match, the market and recommended outcome and the odds with your bookmaker. Each bettor’s selections can be posted on Twitter and customers are prompted to place their accas with your bookmaker by clicking on a banner. The link is deep-linked so customers are taken to a screen on your bookmaker’s website that displays the odds. The odds on Daily Accas are in decimal format but the default is the bookie’s fractional format.

Customers can receive three daily accas by entering an email address and subscribing. The website is very basic and shows very little background information. The concept is sold on the basis of saving time and Daily Accas identifying the best football accas of the day. Matches over a 12 hour time frame are selected, Safe, Risky and Jackpot accas are recommended.

Bettors are encouraged to place the accas with their bookmaker which means Daily Accas is an affiliate site that earns commission from conversions. Subscribers may click the link and visit their bookie’s website but the affiliate will only benefit when the visitor opens an account, makes a deposit and places a bet. Partners can profit from bookmakers’ trusted reputation.

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Betting Accumulators Explained

Daily Accas offers football betting bet365 accumulator tips including a number of football matches and markets as an acca which is one of the most popular bets for punters, in football and in most other sports. An accumulator is one bet that links together at least two teams and is a winning bet if all those teams win. A single bet involves one outcome and is paid out on the odds of the winning selection and odds are not multiplied.

For an easier understanding, watch the video below where football accumulator bets are easily explained.

Punters like football accumulators tips because they have the potential for a big return for a small outlay. The odds for each outcome are multiplied together and even several short priced teams can create a good return. Conversely, the likelihood of a number of teams winning is much less than one specific team placed in a single bet. Bookmakers like accas as they have more chance of a bet losing than a single. They can also lay off bets when there is running up money after wins for the earlier selections.

Football accas can be placed across sports and leagues as long as the outcomes are not linked. You can’t place a multiple bet on a team to win a match and the correct score. These two outcomes are related because if one team wins a match the associated correct scores are related and the odds are not a true reflection of the probabilities. Bookmakers offer adjusted odds to customers who want to combine a correct score and a specific player to score the first goal. Similar odds reductions apply if a customer wishes to back a team to win the league and one of their players to be the top scorer.

The most popular multiple bets are placed in doubles, trebles and four folds. A double is one bet involving two selections in unrelated markets which must both win for the bet to be successful. A treble includes one more selection and a fourfold is a bet with 4 selections. In all cases if one of the picks is not correct the bet is a loser and there is no return. One losing outcome negates the accumulated odds of the winners. The differences between accas and system bets will be explained later in this article.

Football Accumulators Tips – How it Works?

Here is an example of a football acca:

£10 treble Manchester United to beat Liverpool at 2/1 (3.0) , Leicester to beat Tottenham at 6/4 (2.5) and Arsenal to beat Manchester City at 1/2.(1.5). Assuming each selection wins a customer has a successful multiple bet. The return is calculated as follows:

The stake is included in the return at each stage of the acca. This multiple bet has returned £112.50 for £10 which equates to odds of just over 10/1. The total of the individual odds is 4/1 so the difference is obvious. However, a customer placing three singles would have two winning bets if one team lost or one winning bet if two teams lost. If one or two of the teams in an acca lost there would be no return.  Singles are not related to other events while accas are dependent on two or more results.

This example contains selections with relatively low odds but if a treble included three teams at 10/1 the combined odds would 999/1, ie 10 x 10 x 10 -1.  The 1 is subtracted as this is the stake which does not count when multiplying the odds but is always returned to the customer when the bet is a winner.  Match betting in football will involve relatively low odds but backing three teams or players in outright markets leads to huge potential returns for a small outlay. Some accas are more or less lottery bets because the probability is small but the returns can be massive from a modest stake.

Working out returns can be more complex when the odds involved are not full or half numbers. For example, teams in a three team acca at odds of 1.36, 1.57 and 2.10 create a slightly more difficult calculation but the process is the same. The bet is settled as follows:

1.36 x 1.57 x 2.1 -1 by £10 stake = £43.89, or odds of more than 3/1 (4.0)

Even short priced teams in a football accumulator build up a decent return. Three teams with odds of 1/5 (1.2) create the following bet settlement:

1.2 x 1.2 x1.2 -1 by £10 stake = £17.28, or odds of about 8/11 (1.73)

Returns from accumulators are always calculated in the same way regardless of the odds.

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Banker, Risky and Jackpot

Daily Accas sends three betting accumulator tips each day called Banker, Risky and Jackpot. The Banker is a combination of three teams which are favourites and at short odds. The Risky Acca contains three teams that are slightly bigger than evens (2.00). The Jackpot bet contains three to five teams who are priced between 2/1 and 4/1 (3.0 to 5.0).

The Banker betting accumulator tips offer modest returns for a significant stake, the Risky bet offers modest returns for an average stage and the Jackpot offers a significant profit for a relatively small stake. Each type of bet requires a different strike rate in order to win over time. Banker bets must be won more often to make a profit, the Risky Bet must win from time to time to be a winner over time and the Jackpot betting accumulator tips need to be won only rarely to give a winning strategy over time.

Subscribers to Daily Accas football bet365 accumulator tips can place these bets as they see fit. A bettor who likes to win small and often will see more appeal in the Banker. A player who is relatively indifferent to the number and size of wins will take the Risky option. A gambler who enjoys the potential of a big win for a small outlay will place the Jackpot bets. Each level of return has a different strike rate which means there will be more winning Banker betting accumulator tips than Risky bets and more winning Risky bets than Jackpot bets.

Each Way Acca

The Daily Accas football betting accumulator tips are win only because they only include the three options of a home win, draw and away win. Outright markets contain many more options such as the 20 teams that can win the English Premier League. An each way acca provides security in case teams selected do not win but finish placed. Bookmakers specify place terms with regarding the adjusted odds and the number of places that apply.

Here is an example of each way betting accumulator acca showing the standard place terms for this type of market:

£10 each way treble on Manchester United, Barcelona and PSG. This is two bets (win and place) so the total stake is £20.

Manchester United to win the Premier League at 12/1 first three places, one-quarter the odds.

Barcelona to win La Liga at 4/1 first three places, one-quarter the odds.

PSG to win Ligue One at 2/1 first three places, one-quarter the odds.

If each team wins their league the return is calculated as (13 x 5 x 3) -1 (x £10) which equates to £1,940. If one or more selection loses but finishes in the top three the bet is settled as follows:

(4 x 2 x 1.5) -1 (x 10) = £110.

Odds are quartered and one point added to represent the stake unit. So the winning return is £1,940 and the place return is £110. If each selection wins customers are paid the win and place profit so the total combined return is £2,050 (£1,940 + £110). If one of the three teams is not placed there is no return. Customers like each way bets because they receive a consolation for a near miss though at vastly reduced odds. Some bookmakers offer money back in the form of a bet for one loser in a football acca, usually with five options or more. These bets must be placed before each fixture in the bet begins.

Betting Limits

Football has the highest betting limits because the sport is covered extensively in the media and there are no surprises for the odds compilers. The mainstream betting sports with live TV coverage will have relatively high limits. Limits can vary for leagues within a sport. Maximum potential payouts for betting accumulator bets on matches in the English Premier League will be much higher than for an obscure league with fewer media coverage.

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Cashing Out

Bookmakers give customers the option to cash out betting accumulator bets if all the earlier selections have won and there is significant running up money. A bettor can adopt this strategy privately by laying the outstanding selection when the first four in a five-team acca have won. In this case the punter is in a strong trading position but has not yet won. The fifth team could lose which means the multiple is a losing bet.

The cash out facility gives the customer the chance to accept a bet on an acca at reduced odds. Customers are presented with a scenario in which they cannot lose if a bet has not reached expiry and say one selection has not played. With betting exchanges, bettors can close a bet to guarantee a profit or minimise a loss. The objective of trading is to create a win-win situation and this is mirrored in accepting a cash out offer.

The trading department at bookmakers monitor accas and like to know if one has the potential to cost them a significant amount of money. A customer might be offered a reduced return but a guaranteed profit regardless of the outcome of the later matches. It could go either way in that the last team in multiple wins or loses. The bookmaker has paid out at reduced odds or the customer has won a losing bet. The odds and cash out amount vary as matches take place so customers are faced with a dilemma with regards the time of accepting the cash out offer.

Timing is key with regards outstanding fixtures and the status and score line of a game. A goal causes big odds fluctuations and the value of the cash out option changes. If one of the outstanding teams in an acca scores their win odds fall and the chances of the bet winning increase. These price changes are reflected in the value of the cash out option but odds can shift the other way.  When to cash out a betting accumulator bet is a constant issue as events directly affect odds and the amount of the cash out return.

Acca Bets and Promotions

One of the most common promotions related to accas is the Football Acca Insurance offered by some online bookmakers. A popular promotion is the refund of stakes in the form of a bet when one team in a football multiple including five selections or more loses.

Betting accumulator bets that count can be placed before the fixtures begin or in-play but each selection must have odds of 1/2 (1.5) or bigger. The minimum stake unit to qualify for the concession is £5 and bets must be placed on the match result three-way after 90 minutes. Each selection must be settled on the same day and validity is determined by the date of settlement and not the date on which the bet is placed. Cash out bets do not count and only bets placed on single lines qualify.

Several other bookmakers offer similar refunds when customers combine several teams in a multiple bet. Some firms specify that the accumulator must be placed on the Win-Draw-Win market before all the relevant fixtures have begun. Other variations include money back for one loser in a bet including 6 to 8 teams, two losers in a bet combining 8 to 10 teams and three losers in an acca involving 11 or more teams. The maximum return is £25 and the refund is paid in the form of a bet.

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System Bets

System bets incorporate some features of accas but combine several teams in a number of bets or combinations. Any number of selections above one can be linked in permutations including an acca. Five teams combined in a system bet will include one fivefold in which the return is calculated by multiplying together the odds for each single. In an acca if one team loses the bet is a loser and that is why the acca insurance offers are so popular. They relieve some of the disappointment of being close to a big payout for a small stake.

One of the differences between a system bet and acca is that the system bet can be a winner even if one selection is not correct. A system bet comprises a number of combinations and some also include singles. System bets include three or more options. If two teams are placed in a double there are not enough teams for system bet combinations. In completing a bet slip once three teams have been added an option will appear to link them in a system bet. The number of bets in a system bet depends on the number of selections and unique combinations.

System Bet Calculator

Online bookmakers offer system bets that are derived from popular combination bets in UK betting offices. The bets were popular because they had the potential for a big return from a small outlay. However, the number of winning lines falls dramatically after each loser and one incorrect pick can more than half the number of potential winning outcomes. Stakes have to be multiplied by the number of bets in a system bet so they can be quite expensive. Generally, system bets combine from 3 to 8 teams in all the possible combinations.

One of the most popular system bets in the industry is the Yankee but all the others work on the same principle. A Yankee can be placed on all sports including football and combines four selections in 6 doubles, four trebles and an accumulator. That makes 11 bets which mean a £1 Yankee costs £11 and a £1 each way Yankee costs £22.00.  A Lucky 15 is a Yankee with singles and includes the normal combinations in doubles, trebles and an accumulator.  Here is a list of popular system bets showing the number of teams and bets:

All these bets include an acca and can be placed on football, horse racing and many other sports. The each way version will double the number of bets which are settled base on the number options in a market and the place terms. Most system bets can be extended to include singles which means a return for one win or each way winner. Multiple bets or accas are known as parlay bets in US betting but all the same principles apply. Bet settlement can be complicated but special formulas can be used to work out the returns. Some bookmakers offer bonuses for all correct bets which can increase the return by up to 100%.

One loser leaves three teams which make up three doubles and a treble but no acca. Two losers means the only possible combination is one double but no trebles or an accumulator. With a Lucky 15 one winning single counts with three losers and some bookmakers offer enhanced odds for one winner in this type of system bet. There are 15 bets in a Lucky 15 and 30 bets in an each way Lucky 15 including the win and place acca. Bets are settled based on industry standards for the number of places that count and the proportion of the win odds that apply. Customers often combine four football teams to win their league in an acca or system bet. Short priced favourites in football matches often appear in these bets but one shock result an the loser can eliminate most of the winning combinations.

In effect a system bet is a special variation of the acca. As a general rule three teams are required and must be added to the betting slip. Individual combinations are placed within one bet and customers decide which combination can be included.  The range of system bets depends on the number of selections. The greater the number of selections the greater the range of system bets. Customers will win even if all their selections are not correct. The more matches included in the system bet the more possible combinations but there will only ever be one acca.

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Best Acca By Sport

Bookmakers offer concessions related to accumulator bets for a number of sports such as:


Major online bookmakers regularly have promotions related to accas for football fixtures in the main leagues in Europe and the Champions League. They tend to offer enhanced odds for trebles and four folds. The matches are carefully selected to include the most popular and high profile teams across the continent. Teams such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City and Manchester United are often included. Matches are usually live on television and receive plenty of media coverage.

There is a limit on the amount that can be staked, losing bets are usually refunded in the form of betting funds or a bet and extra returns are paid as a bet. The enhanced odds usually represent tremendous value and the teams that form part of the offer are usually favourites to win their matches.


Many sportsbooks can offer a bet related to a multiple bet in golf. Customers must place an accumulator in the two ball and three ball markets including at least four selections. If one of the golfers does not win his match stakes are refunded in the form of a bet. This offer generally applies to regular tournaments on the US PGA and European Tours during most weeks of the year.


Customers who bet on tennis can take advantage of an acca insurance concession which provides some compensation for almost landing a lucrative multiple bet. The offer applies to new customers and their first settled cash 5-fold or more accumulator placed on pre-match or live match result betting markets. The maximum stake is £50 and the bet is awarded when one leg lets the bettor down.


Basketball is a popular betting sport around Europe and customers have a wide range of leagues to bet on including the NBA and Euroleague. Extensive live television coverage of the sports increase betting interest and one potentially lucrative bet is an acca including several teams. Online operators might provide insurance against one loser. In that case, customers must place a multiple bet with four selections or more in matches from various leagues.

Football Accumulators – Conclusion

Betting on football accas is very popular for recreational gamblers and for punters on the move, as it was explained by one of our colleagues in an SBN News article. It provides interest across a number of fixtures and the chance for a significant return for a small stake. Daily Accas has identified the attraction in this type of bet and given subscribers the option to place Safe, Risky or Jackpot multiples bets involving three or more football teams in high profile matches.

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If you want to learn more about the bet365 bonus code, don’t miss out on our comprehensive review.

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